What comes first to your mind,when you read/hear ‘Mogra’ ?
– The soft white flower with a mesmerizing fragrance.

For a moment, just imagine Mogra in different colors.
The string of colorful Mogra around your neck enhancing your beauty.

Here’s my collection of 5 necklace to give you the same feeling.

The colorful string of Ghungroo tied in Brass/Silver chain.
The ‘string of Ghungroo‘ looks just like the ‘string of Mogra‘ (we call Gajra in India)

  photo @antimakhanna

  photo @ankitgoel

3 photo @ankitgoel

4 photo @ankitgoel

5photo @antimakhanna

6 photo @ankitgoel

7 photo @ankitgoel

8photo @antimakhanna

9 photo @ankitgoel

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