‘Red Pages’

When we talk about Photo Album/Book, mostly, we see the albums having heavy paper with an abrasive surface covered with clear plastic sheets,in which photos can be put.

Personally, I don’t like them at all. The cranky sound of plastic is disturbing.

I always liked the idea of a photobook with thick pages on which the photographs can either be pasted or printed.

first page

This was the first time when I was making a photobook. It was covered in Yellow-Red cotton fabric. I gifted that thinking its more useful to the other person. How stupid of me!!

But,here I am with a better Photobook 🙂

red pagesFull view

This photobook is complete handmade. Bound in Red pages with Royal Green pure cotton fabric. The book is in square format tied with red hand knotted thread. You will find small Brass beads on the ends on thread.

DSC08974Thread with brass beads

I love Square format and that’s what inspired me to make this book.

DSC08977Square format


  • 16 X 16 cms
  • Dark red pages
  • Paper : 150GSM
  • Handbound
  • Cotton Fabric cover
  • Best to be used as Photobook


For Feedback and Order,
Write to me on antimakhanna@gmail.com


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