When Our Eyes Met


I dressed myself up to go see my lover,
but hen I saw him, I forgot myself.
You robbed me of everything
when our eyes met.

You made me drink love’s elixir
and I got drunk
when our eyes met.

I was left staring –
you made me an ascetic
when our eyes met.

Fair arms and green bangles
you caught my wrist
when our eyes met.

You became the charming lover –
you left me breathless
when our eyes met.

Khusrau dies for Nizam –
you made me a married woman
when our eyes met.


While making this Bangle, the very first thing that came across my mind is this piece of poetry by Amir Khusrao.

The title could be nothing better than ‘ When Our Eyes Met’.

This bangle is again of genuine Brass. Yes! I just love the rustic golden color of brass 🙂


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