Sun Signatures


‘ Sun Signatures ‘ is my latest collection for this summer.

Each piece has a thought behind it.
This collection is inspired by the flowers around us.

I decided to shoot this collection
in Lodhi Garden, New Delhi along with my friends on a weekend morning.

Here are some pictures from the shoot.

Apurva and Myself
Natasha and Apurva
Natasha with Apurva
Neethi and Pallavi

A big thanks to Sunny Lamba (who was also taking pictures with me),
Greeshma, Natasha, Apurva, Neethi and Pallavi
to make this shoot possible.

I have posted all the 16 designs on website now for you.

You have,
*Sunflower   *Cotton Flower   *Musk Rose   *Freesia   *Gold Mops
*Turquoise Mogra   *Lily   *Pansies  *Amarkand   *Orchid
*Bell Flower   *Love Grass   *Blue Poppy
*Goldenrod   *Neel   *Vanilla 


To know more, you can write to me on

Happy Summer 🙂

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