Shades of Green

Winter in Delhi used to be mesmerizing.
Unfortunately, from last few years, the beautiful city is covered with thick smog and haze because of the Over – Urbanization.
Let’s hope, we will have good green days in coming future soon.

‘Crows on a lamp-post cawing with unknown sadness,
bidding farewell to the setting Sun.
A flock of parrots rocketing across the clear bluish-crimson sky,
trees abuzz with joyous chirps of mynahs, sparrows, pigeons.
Below two rows of embassies like the two banks of a river of peace,
flowing to the world capitals from Raisina hill.’
– The Seduction of Delhi by Abhay K.

The festive season has begun and let’s paint it Green this year.

Dedicating today’s collection to the Green World.

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Last but not the least, wishing you a very Happy Diwali.
Enjoy with your family and loved ones.
Go Green this Diwali.