On a day off

One of my dear friend ‘Nevine’ was in town last week. She is a great craft lover. We travel all around the city every time she comes here. This time our target was Connaught Place. There is a small lane on Janpath where you get some really beautiful handcrafted stuff. Here’s a small glimpse onContinue reading “On a day off”

Dilli 6

Old Delhi, walled city of New Delhi was founded as Shahjahanabad by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in 1639. It was once filled with mansions of nobles and members of the royal court, along with elegant mosques and gardens. Today, despite having become extremely crowded and dilapidated, it still serves as the symbolic heart of the metropolitan city. Chandni Chowk, originally meaning moonlit square orContinue reading “Dilli 6”

Winter Melody

Long Festive season break is over. It was a great time with family on Diwali and I hope the same for all of you 🙂 Delhi is once again looking beautiful with the cold breeze coming to the city. In 1289, Amir Khusrau wrote : Delhi : Refuge of religion! Refuge and paradise of justice!Continue reading “Winter Melody”

Feedback time

In the beginning of October, I released my series of notebook : Inked in 19s. I am so very happy to see the feedback. I got emails regarding their interest in old postcard and for buying the Notebook. I love cherishing memories. I feel memories makes us what we are today. I don’t live inContinue reading “Feedback time”

Handloom in India

Recently, I came across an article in one of the online magazine. The article reads out the present state of Handmade Industry In India. Mayank Mansingh Kaul ( Textile Designer from NID Ahmedabad and consultant to the Planning Commission on the taskforce on Cultural and Creative Industries) passionately debunks a lot of myths about the state of the “Handmade Industry”Continue reading “Handloom in India”


Presenting the Handbound Notebooks I have made recently: Paisley -Cotton Net fabric Cover with block print -Size : 11X 15 cms -Off-white 100 GSM paper -150 pages – Best for Doodling and writing Fern – Cotton fabric Cover – Size : 11X 15 cms – Off-white 100 GSM paper – 200 pages – Best for DoodlingContinue reading “Thread-bound”


vanam vrindavanam naam pashvayam navkananam. gopgopigavam sevyam punyaditraunvirudham. – Srimad bhagwat 10/11/28 Vrindavan, located on the banks of river Yamuna,was a place of green woods and rolling meadows. It was home to Lord Krishna; where he is said to have herded his cows, danced with the Gopies,fought the evil Kansa and fallen in love withContinue reading “Vrindavan”

with ‘Love’

It was late in night, when a very dear friend ‘Ankit’ called me up. He wanted to gift something very special to the love of his life on her birthday. Ankit,as usual with unlimited ideas in his mind started suggesting one by one. Finally after our long discussion,he asked me to make an Earring forContinue reading “with ‘Love’”


Chanderi is a small town with a lot to offer – 300 monuments within a 6 km radius to beautiful hand woven sarees and apparel. But the weavers lives aren’t as becoming. Of the 3,500 weaving families in Chanderi, many don’t own a loom and live a hand-to-mouth existence through daily wages. Even  though theContinue reading “Chanderiyaan”

Aadi ; From across border

Amman Rashid is the man behind the beautifully crafted jewellery line called ‘Aadi’.  A management student by education, Rashid is a designer at heart who thinks out of the box and his creations are out of a box, literally. His passion for making jewellery grew out of his involvements with the theatre group Prachyanat, when heContinue reading “Aadi ; From across border”


What comes first to your mind,when you read/hear ‘Mogra’ ? – The soft white flower with a mesmerizing fragrance. For a moment, just imagine Mogra in different colors. The string of colorful Mogra around your neck enhancing your beauty. Here’s my collection of 5 necklace to give you the same feeling. The colorful string of GhungrooContinue reading “Mogra”

Inked in 19’s

I have always loved preserving old letters,postcards and emails (that’s how most people write nowadays :P) My family/friends call them Junk but they are the most valuable things to me.They are part of my memories and make me feel nostalgic each time I go through them. Mostly, I don’t share such belongings with anyone. But,someContinue reading “Inked in 19’s”


What is it that tells you that the kurta you just picked up from a store is genuinely handmade?? Here are a few things one should keep in mind when shopping for handicrafts and handlooms. The government has some certificates and trademark labels that distinguish the genuine from the fake. The Handloom mark comes inContinue reading “Handmade??”