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Buran Ghati

It was somewhere in 2010, when I came across
the brilliant work of Dayanita Singh.

Her ability to transform several pictures into a book series is commendable.

Recently, On her blog she started this beautiful series ‘ Dear Aspiring Photographers’.

I would like to quote from that series only,

The PHOTO BOOK is still my favorite form for the dissemination of the image. But dear aspiring photographers, the photographs you make are just the raw material for this, the book is made on the editing table. Its there that you sequence, weed out, bring in, find the silent pages, maybe add some words, or not. In my work, making images is just 10% of the work. The real work is in the editing, sequencing, finding the right form. That can take years. Gathering the photos is the easiest part. It is then that you might become the AUTHOR of your work and not just the Photographer.


Coming back to this post,

Mountains have always been my inspiration.

It was from a long time that I was planning a vacation in the mountains
with no connection to the virtual world.

I got that chance two months back, in June.

It was the first time, I was going for a trek.
9 days and Buran Ghati summit at 15000 ft.
I was excited and afraid at the same time.

Its been sometime now, but those locations are still on my mind.
In fact, I couldn’t connect back to my city after coming back.

Looking at the pictures taken there again and again, I decided to make a brief photo-book
to bind these memories together.

I believe ‘photographs tell you a better story rather than just the words‘.

Here’s how the book looks like,

Buran Ghati (1 of 1)-3

Buran Ghati (1 of 1)-5

Buran Ghati (1 of 1)-7

Buran Ghati (1 of 1)-8

The size of the hard-bound book is 8*10 inches.

Complete view of the book :
(Just click on the picture for full view)

Pictures in the book are taken by Antima Khanna, Anirban Dasgupta,
Ashish Prasad, Piyush Prasad and Sanjhi Khanna.

All rights reserved
June 2015

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