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Calendar 2021

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when one talks about Year 2020?
It’s ‘Patience’ for me!

This year has given us a chance to take a break and look back/around our lives. This Pandemic is a wake up call to stop taking this Planet Earth for granted. This year has brought us closer to the Nature and Animals.

After almost 9 months of 2020, I am still patient for a Dawn when I can travel and meet my family/friends in different cities and countries.

That brings me to the subject of this post today, I am making postcard/desk calendars from last 4 years. A lot of thinking and planning goes into it, as its a different theme every year.

Inspired from Gond Art, Zentangle, Shade of Blues, Aboriginal Art / Mandana Art , I enjoyed the journey of finding something different every year.

This year, My Desk Calendar is inspired from Block Printing.

The Calendar is 5*7 in size and printed on 350 GSM Matt. You can also use the Artwork as a Postcard to send to your loved ones.

Another interesting part this year Calendar is that I am also selling the Artwork as a set of 12 postcards.

You can get this Calendar/Postcards/Artwork customized as well in your desired size. All you need to do is to write to me on antimakhanna@gmail.com or on my Etsy shop.

Take a look at some of the ideas about how you can make these Calendar part of your desk and walls.

People interested abroad can buy on my ETSY shop and those who are interested in India can buy from my SHOP here on this website. Calendar is for INR 350.00 with standard shipping of INR 50.00

I am hoping for a colorful, peaceful and productive 2021 for each one of us!

Stay tuned for some more interesting products and updates on the platform.


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