Ode to the Morning – Revisited

Ode to the Morning is one of the most loved design from my jewelry catalog. It’s been 5 years and I am bringing to you today, a brand new version of ‘Ode to the Morning’. You will get complimentary earrings with each of these necklaces! This time, I have few bracelets also! Although, each pieceContinue reading “Ode to the Morning – Revisited”

Bird Song

It’s time for the fourth sub-collection under ‘365 days’. Presenting today, “Bird Song”, an exclusive collection of dhokra beads necklace. Although, each piece is one of its kind, you can write to me at antimakhanna@gmail.com for customization. Now, you can also buy directly on my shop at ETSY through PayPal.


Presenting today, “Starry Nights”, an exclusive collection of necklace.It’s the third sub-collection under ‘365 days’. Although, each piece is one of its kind, you can write to me at antimakhanna@gmail.com for customization. Now, you can also buy directly on my shop at ETSY through PayPal. Coming Next – ‘BIRD SONG’


Like mentioned in my last post ‘Camouflage’ , it’s time for the Second Sub-Collection under 365 days Collection. Presenting today, “Half Moon“, an exclusive collection of earrings.I will be updating the same with many more colors in coming days. Although, each piece is one of its kind, you can write to me at antimakhanna@gmail.com, if youContinue reading “HALF MOON”


I’m hoping Year 2019 is treating you well. I’m currently working on my new Jewellery collection – ‘365 days’.There will be several sub- collections under the same.Each and every sub-collection will have a different theme. You can expect new designs and also some of the old popular designs. Today, I am presenting the first Sub-Continue reading “Camouflage”

Shades of Green

Winter in Delhi used to be mesmerizing. Unfortunately, from last few years, the beautiful city is covered with thick smog and haze because of the Over – Urbanization. Let’s hope, we will have good green days in coming future soon. ‘Crows on a lamp-post cawing with unknown sadness, bidding farewell to the setting Sun. AContinue reading “Shades of Green”


Imagination is a powerful action to create what seems to be impossible. On my recent trip to Rajasthan, while looking for the new ideas for my jewellery, I came across the beautiful stones – Rhodochrosite, Fossil Coral and Crazy Lace Agate. Here I am with my new experiment with these stones. The Crazy Lace Agate isContinue reading “Imagine”

Wind Chimes

The sound of ghungroo/bell makes me happy. After the success of collection MOGRA I & II, let me present to you a small new collection of earrings with ghungroo. Feel free to write to me at [ antimakhanna@gmail.com ] , if you are interested in buying this collection. Stay Tuned, for the next collection whichContinue reading “Wind Chimes”

Red Silk Cotton

Summer is already here in Delhi and so as the urge to escape to the mountains! At present, the most astonishing thing in the city is the beautiful Silk Cotton tree. Hence, here I am, dedicating my next collection of handmade jewellery to this natural beauty. Feel free to write to me at [ antimakhanna@gmail.comContinue reading “Red Silk Cotton”

Colors of Joy

Is it me or some of you also think that 2017 is one of the fastest year. I’m writing today after months, and for all the people who think that I’m no longer making jewelry or notebooks / going out for my short and long expeditions / meeting inspirational people everyday.. This post is forContinue reading “Colors of Joy”

Return of Mogra

It’s pretty hot in the city and I am back with our favorite ‘Mogra‘ to compliment this weather. This time with more colors and variations. I have some pair of earrings also for you. When I was thinking about shooting this collection, I wanted someone to wear them. And, from there the idea of shootingContinue reading “Return of Mogra”

Color splash

March has begun and so as the summer. Holi is a spring festival, also known as the festival of colors or the festival of sharing love. In the Braj region of India, where the Hindu deity Krishna grew up, the festival is celebrated for 16 days in commemoration of the divine love of Radha for Krishna.Continue reading “Color splash”

January diary!

Hope you are having a good time in Year 2016! Few days back, I again got the chance to make jewellery for a client in Milan. Here I am sharing the pictures from the same. I had only 24 hours to deliver this order. This collection is the output from continuous 14 hours of  jewellery making.Continue reading “January diary!”

Autumn ‘Inspired by the Mountains’

At some point of time, we all need some inspiration. The time when you need to run away from the noise around. In last few months, I visited some beautiful locations in Himachal Pradesh; 9 days long trek to Buran Pass & 2 days in Gushaini. October is the month of Autumn, Summer is allContinue reading “Autumn ‘Inspired by the Mountains’”

Sending Out Surprise

As an individual, People I come across are my biggest inspiration. I feel fortunate enough to have them around. Last month, I dedicated my new collection to all these people. I ended up the first lot with 18 new designs. This was my small gesture, just to thank them to be the part of myContinue reading “Sending Out Surprise”