Escape to Hamta

It's been really long, that I couldn't write on my blog page. A lot of things are going on and 2017 has brought big challenges along with it. But, I'm hoping to bring you some exciting posts from next month onwards. We all should take a break from our daily schedule in the urban cities.... Continue Reading →

This year is running too fast. I can't believe February is also going to end in couple of weeks. Taking pictures is something I enjoy on every walk I take. Some makes sense and some are just for me, like random thoughts. While I was in Jaipur a month back, I got to meet Surendra... Continue Reading →

Year 2016 started with a lot of work and new challenges. Since 2011, I am visiting Jaipur in the month of January for the Literature festival. This year also, I spent a week in exploring Jaipur. Unlike, last few years, this time it was more exciting. Day 1 started with attending the talk of legendary... Continue Reading →

Poush is the 9th month of the Bengali calendar. It is the first month of Winter Season. Poush Mela is an annual fair that takes place in Shantiniketan. The fair starts on the 7th day of Poush for the full 3 days. It is been said that, Devendranath Tagore with twenty followers accepted the Brahmo creed... Continue Reading →

It took me a long time to decide from where I should start this post. My last visit to Shantiniketan has changed my point of view of looking at an Artist. I have so much respect for each one of them whether he is a small flute-maker or a big painter. My small attempt here... Continue Reading →

Year 2014 was pretty exciting for me. I did some solo travels and got to experience life outside the comfort zone. It was from a long time that I was planning for a trip to Calcutta (West Bengal). They say that December would be the best month to visit there. Hence, I took my last... Continue Reading →

I got to visit Ahmedabad in April this year. I had a list of places to visit in the old city. Fortunately, I got to stay with an influential Gujarati family who took me all around the city. The first and foremost thing you should do is to register yourself for Heritage Walk Morning heritage... Continue Reading →

Nizamuddin Auliya

Its raining outside, I wish the Monsoon comes soon!! Reading Amir Khusrau in my room, I am sharing today, the beauty of Nizamuddin Auliya in his words.... You are the friend to sorrowful hearts. Imagination and intellect are lost in you. Stars and heavens are in motion in astonishment at your deeds. The path to... Continue Reading →

Diary Leaves

There are few places you love visiting as many times you could. I am not a religious person, but with time I always liked to go to Vrindavan. As mentioned before in one of my post, I worked there on an assignment for couple of months. Since then, I am visiting this town to meet... Continue Reading →

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