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Colors of Joy

Is it me or some of you also think that 2017 is one of the fastest year.

I’m writing today after months, and for all the people who think that I’m no longer making jewelry or notebooks / going out for my short and long expeditions / meeting inspirational people everyday.. This post is for all of you 🙂

I got some wonderful opportunities to explore my interest and creative abilities during past few months. I was so busy in experiencing that I had no time to write here.

On the other note, My wonderful charm, ”Goofy” left me in July and it just felt that I lost one reason of my life!

IMG_0819But, I have faith that we will meet yet again sometime 🙂

Coming back to the subject of this post ‘Colors of Joy’.
The festive season has already begun in India and everybody is celebrating in their own way and colors.
Some of you must be decorating your houses with colorful lights, some with colorful flowers and some with colorful rangolis.
Each one of us has this excitement to wear our festive clothes and we ladies, especially, spend most of our time in matching our clothes with jewellery.
What earrings would match? | Long or Short? | Studs or Loops? etc etc…

To help you all, here I’m with my short collection of some colorful jewellery.

12 a

3 a






1 a

9 a


4 a




7 b


15 b

As the postal services will be delayed after Tuesday, if you are interested in any of the piece, please write to me by Tuesday afternoon. Else, you can order post Diwali.

Stay Tuned for my latest experience in the hills of Uttarakhand!


Wishing you all a blissful Diwali 🙂


2 thoughts on “Colors of Joy

  1. Nice blog Antima!
    You have a beautiful collection of colorful earrings & hoops.
    If you like silver jewellery then you would love Akhnoor’s collection of marcasite, cubic zircon & filigree, Sterling Silver jewellery.

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