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Mandana on Khadi

As mentioned in my previous post, presenting today, a small collection of wall hangings/art frames for your beautiful house.

Each design is hand-painted by Mural Artist ‘Rakesh K Memrot’ on 80’s count Khadi by Khadi, handspun and handwoven by the Artisan in West Bengal near Mayapuri.
To know him and his work, check this article on my Blog:
“Rakesh : The Mural Artist”

This collection of 30 artwork comes in different sizes. You can either buy the artwork and get it framed yourself according to your style or we can also get it framed for you. Please note that these artworks can’t be washed.

The collection is very soon going to be available on my Etsy Shop . You would also be able to buy these here on my website through PayPal.

Last but not the least, your feedback will be highly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Mandana on Khadi

  1. Fantabulous Mandana designs which are intensifying the virtue of the walls. All designs are mesmerizing and wonderful. Nice article, thanks for sharing Antima. You can also check other wall decors items, available online for sale.

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