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Ode to the Morning

8I have begun this post with these beautiful flowers to show the other side of the
scorching summer coming in our city !

Ode to the Morning is one of my favorite from the work I have done till date.


It took me a lot of time in completing this necklace, but the time spent was worth it.

Here’s how it exactly look.


Each Brass bead has gone through a dark blue thread twice,

One after Another they formed this beautiful chain with adjustable end.


The earrings with the necklace are light-weight and minimal in design.

45The other way to wear this necklace is like a head-band.
You can hide the ends of the necklace within your hair
you are ready to go out with a beautiful shine Head-band 🙂


Ode to the Morning is made up of genuine brass and its non-allergic.

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