Hand Painted Mandana Art 2


Hand painted Mandana Art for your walls and decor. The fabric used is 80’s count Khadi by Khadi handspun and handwoven by the Artisan in West Bengal near Mayapuri.
This product comes without Frame. If you are looking to buy along with Framing, please write to me separately on .

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Painting is a medium of visual expression. It does not always need too many colors to stand out. Mandana paintings are one of such form. It is a form of tribal art in India that has survived over the ages. It is done in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh by one of the oldest tribal communities, the ‘Meenas’.
This art is done on walls and floors, both within and surrounding the house, as a way to ward off evil and welcome the blessings of gods into the home.

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Dimensions 15 × 26 in


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