2018 Postcard Calendar

Zentangle¬†is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being. Zentangle¬†was invented in the year 2004 by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts in¬†Central Massachusetts. When you draw a¬†Zentangle, you're creating a work of¬†art, … Continue reading 2018 Postcard Calendar

Carpet makers from Srinagar

Finally, after a long break, here I am with my next post on the beautiful craft of our country. I have already written about the Carpets/Kaleen makers of KASHMIR before also http://wp.me/s3K6oK-kaleen But, last month on my trip to Gulmarg and Srinagar, I finally got the golden chance to witness carpet making in front of … Continue reading Carpet makers from Srinagar

Escape to Hamta

It's been really long, that I couldn't write on my blog page. A lot of things are going on and 2017 has brought big challenges along with it. But, I'm hoping to bring you some exciting posts from next month onwards. We all should take a break from our daily schedule in the urban cities. … Continue reading Escape to Hamta

Autumn ‘Inspired by the Mountains’

At some point of time, we all need some inspiration. The time when you need to run away from the noise around. In last few months, I visited some beautiful locations in Himachal Pradesh; 9 days long trek to Buran Pass & 2 days in Gushaini. October is the month of Autumn, Summer is all … Continue reading Autumn ‘Inspired by the Mountains’

Kala Bhavan

It took me a long time to decide from where I should start this post. My last visit to Shantiniketan has changed my point of view of looking at an Artist. I have so much respect for each one of them whether he is a small flute-maker or a big painter. My small attempt here … Continue reading Kala Bhavan

Evening tea with Aarohi

With every turn I made towards my dream, I met some really inspiring people. Aarohi is one such person whom I met on the virtual world through a common friend. She is based in Bangalore. She is a big dog lover and a brilliant painter. It was sometime back, when I wrote to her for … Continue reading Evening tea with Aarohi

Ganjifa Cards

Ganjifa tradition of Sawantwadi is almost three hundred years old. However, the technique of executing round playing cards did not originate from Sawantwadi. Scholars believe that the game of large size circular playing cards was first invented by the Malla Kings of Bishnupur (Bengal) in the 8th Century AD. Jaipur, Orissa and Cuddappa in the … Continue reading Ganjifa Cards

Bone Carving

image : oldindianphotos.in Lucknow, the golden city of the east' retains an old world charm that fascinates one and all. Regarded as one of the finest cities of India, Lucknow emanates a culture that combines emotional warmth, a high degree of sophistication, courtesy and a love for gracious living. This sublime cultural richness famous as … Continue reading Bone Carving


Bidri¬†gets its name from¬†Bidar,¬†Karnataka where it originated when the fort was under construction. It¬†is a metal handicraft that originated in the 14th century, during the rule of the¬†Bahamani Sultans. Bidri in Republic day parade Bidri Craft has a common ancestry with an older art of inlaying practiced in Arabian countries and Persia - of inlaying … Continue reading Bidri

Sanjhi Art

'Sanjhi' is a word derived from words like 'Sajja', 'Shringar' and 'Sajavat' which all means 'decoration'. Sanjhi art is rooted in the folk culture of Uttar Pradesh (Mathura). It was taken to its glory by the Vaishnava temples in the 15th and 16th century. Sanjhi came to be regarded as a highly refined art form … Continue reading Sanjhi Art