Tapos Das

At every stage of your life, you get to meet people from whom you can learn. An Artist gets richer with his/her grounded nature and not by money. I met Tapos Das at Poush Mela, Shantiniketan. He is a great Metal Plate Sculptor. I have these pictures from his stall to share with you. YouContinue reading “Tapos Das”

Evening tea with Aarohi

With every turn I made towards my dream, I met some really inspiring people. Aarohi is one such person whom I met on the virtual world through a common friend. She is based in Bangalore. She is a big dog lover and a brilliant painter. It was sometime back, when I wrote to her forContinue reading “Evening tea with Aarohi”


Stories could be memories or mediation between the reality and aspirations that reflect what a society wishes to express about itself. Story is perhaps the oldest form of communication known to humankind. It has a way of mesmerizing the listeners into silence and the tellers into expressing the deepest desires and anxieties of their society, directly or throughContinue reading “Kaavad”