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2017 Postcard Calendar

2016 is ready to go in just few days and it was a pretty exciting year for me 🙂

I love handmade, be it jewelry ; illustrations ; bags or anything else.

During this year, I came across some brilliant artists and handmade lovers.
These people inspired me in many ways.

Today, I have a set of twelve postcards with my handmade illustrations.
Yes, it’s 2017 Postcard Calendar !

These illustrations are drawn with a black marker pen and they are ‘Open for Sale’ now.

Do write to me on ‘antimakhanna@gmail.com’ to get one for yourself and your loved ones.

Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!


With and Without You

Winter in Delhi is as beautiful as the Monsoon in Bombay.

My first meeting with Bombay was in 2011.
Since then, I felt a connection with this city.
This city makes you feel free, free from all the questions you have in your mind.



I moved to Bombay in 2012 with a dream to stay there, but,
for me Bombay is more sort of a ‘Touch and Go’ city.


For the first time in 2012, I experienced the rain in Bombay.
I fell in Love with the city then and there itself.

For all the time, I was there in the city,
all I used to do was to take a autorickshaw / taxi and explore the old city in rain.
I wasn’t familiar with the local trains that time.



I promised myself to visit Bombay every Monsoon
to experience that loving moment again and again.


This year also in July, I visited the city,
as fortunately, now I have got some really good friends over there 🙂


This time I didn’t get to experience the rain of Bombay
as much as compared to the previous years.
But still I did everything that I love to do in Bombay.



I wasn’t carrying my camera this time, but,
for me the equipment doesn’t matter if the moment is correct.
I just had my Iphone and tried my luck.



I had many other reasons to Love Bombay but one reason that will last forever
is my love for the ‘Monsoon in Bombay’.




As I say that I love making books, this time I tried my hand on making a Photobook.




The subject was clear in my mind 🙂

With and Without You is a collection of the moments,
I have lived till date in that city.



The book is hand-bound with a Black Canvas cover.


The pictures are in square format ( 12 x 12 cms)
The Book itself is 15 x 15 cms.


I thought of writing a caption under each photo, but then I leave that upto you to name them.
I believe a caption under the photo restricts you to think beyond that caption
but my book is just a way to show Bombay through my eyes.
Each Photo could leave a different mood to each one of you.


Last but not the Least,
To live a city you have to come out on the roads and meet the localities,
sitting in your comfortable houses will not make a difference.


With and Without You
Antima Khanna 
(All rights reserved)