Paperworks Etc.

I feel privileged to introduce Paperworks Etc. today. It was sometime in last year when I saw the notebooks from Paperworks Etc. in the hands of a dear friend. I knew the people behind those brown color Palm books, but due to certain reasons never had a word with them 🙁 Paperworks Etc. was established inContinue reading “Paperworks Etc.”

With and Without You

Winter in Delhi is as beautiful as the Monsoon in Bombay. My first meeting with Bombay was in 2011. Since then, I felt a connection with this city. This city makes you feel free, free from all the questions you have in your mind. I moved to Bombay in 2012 with a dream to stayContinue reading “With and Without You”

Feedback time

In the beginning of October, I released my series of notebook : Inked in 19s. I am so very happy to see the feedback. I got emails regarding their interest in old postcard and for buying the Notebook. I love cherishing memories. I feel memories makes us what we are today. I don’t live inContinue reading “Feedback time”