Shades of Green

Winter in Delhi used to be mesmerizing. Unfortunately, from last few years, the beautiful city is covered with thick smog and haze because of the Over - Urbanization. Let's hope, we will have good green days in coming future soon. 'Crows on a lamp-post cawing with unknown sadness, bidding farewell to the setting Sun. A … Continue reading Shades of Green

Red Silk Cotton

Summer is already here in Delhi and so as the urge to escape to the mountains! At present, the most astonishing thing in the city is the beautiful Silk Cotton tree. Hence, here I am, dedicating my next collection of handmade jewellery to this natural beauty. Feel free to write to me at [ … Continue reading Red Silk Cotton

January diary!

Hope you are having a good time in Year 2016! Few days back, I again got the chance to make jewellery for a client in Milan. Here I am sharing the pictures from the same. I had only 24 hours to deliver this order. This collection is the output from continuous 14 hours of  jewellery making. … Continue reading January diary!

Autumn ‘Inspired by the Mountains’

At some point of time, we all need some inspiration. The time when you need to run away from the noise around. In last few months, I visited some beautiful locations in Himachal Pradesh; 9 days long trek to Buran Pass & 2 days in Gushaini. October is the month of Autumn, Summer is all … Continue reading Autumn ‘Inspired by the Mountains’

Coin Choker

2015 is already looking great with some interesting work and travels. New Jewellery and Other Products are coming Online very soon. Today, sharing with you the Choker Necklace. The necklace is made with Brass Coins in a Brass Chain. Small earrings with a coin gives the complete traditional look. Material used is rust-free and non-allergic. … Continue reading Coin Choker

December Morning

Delhi is enjoying its best weather right now. With new targets for the upcoming new year, I am leaving today on my long awaited holiday to Calcutta 🙂 Hence, I am leaving you with two of my beautiful earrings. SALE is on hold for the time being. The jewellery is travelling abroad for the feedback … Continue reading December Morning

A Fairy Tale

It's been months that I couldn't post about my new collection. Firstly, I was damn occupied in reshuffling few things and then I started enjoying the change of season in my city 🙂 My new collection is a mix of material and variety. I have used Brass, Silver, Wood, Copper and Ceramic in this collection. … Continue reading A Fairy Tale

Ode to the Morning

I have begun this post with these beautiful flowers to show the other side of the scorching summer coming in our city ! Ode to the Morning is one of my favorite from the work I have done till date. It took me a lot of time in completing this necklace, but the time spent … Continue reading Ode to the Morning


 Weather in New Delhi is pleasant till now 🙂 It was a beautiful sunny morning and Vidhi was wearing my brand new earrings "Eternity".  These earrings are small, light-weight and non-allergic. The material used is Brass again, but with a contrast of Silver Ghungroo. I love the sound of ghungroo and as the name (Eternity) of … Continue reading Eternity