Weekend with Cotton Rack

It’s the time to buy new clothes for the new season. Cotton/Khadi in soothing color would be my pick for the summer of New Delhi. I was in Jaipur last month for Literature festival and to visit my friends who are behind the label ‘Cotton Rack‘. Cotton Rack is all about Khadi fabric. They have a smallContinue reading “Weekend with Cotton Rack”

Phulkari & Bagh

Traditionally Punjab is consisted of three culturally and physically distinct zones – the hardworking but impoverished Malwa region, the comparatively rich and urban Majha region & the Doaba region inhabited largely by the occupational class The crafts of the region are more utilitarian than ornamental. Embroidery has for centuries been part of the education of every well brought up Punjabi girl.Continue reading “Phulkari & Bagh”


What is it that tells you that the kurta you just picked up from a store is genuinely handmade?? Here are a few things one should keep in mind when shopping for handicrafts and handlooms. The government has some certificates and trademark labels that distinguish the genuine from the fake. The Handloom mark comes inContinue reading “Handmade??”