Applique in India

The term appliqué is derived from French and Latin words appliquer and applicare, respectively, which both mean to join or attach. Like embroidery, it has a humble beginning. The technique was used as a way to strengthen worn areas of items or to patch holes that had formed. Early appliqué was used to length theContinue reading “Applique in India”

Silver Filigree

Filigree is a form of intricate metalwork used in jewellery and other small forms of metalwork. The English word filigree is shortened from the earlier use of filigreen which derives from Latin “filum” meaning thread and “granum” grain, in the sense of small bead. The Latin words gave filigrana in Italian which itself became filigrane in 17th-century French. It should not be confused with Ajoure jewelleryContinue reading “Silver Filigree”

Kullu Shawls

Himachal Pradesh is known for its weaving, which is not only a functional need but also has its roots grounded in the ancient tradition of the region. Its designs and are influenced techniques by Central Asia and Tibet, and its rich heritage makes it popular among tourists. Wool weaving in Himachal is the result ofContinue reading “Kullu Shawls”

Bird Song

It’s time for the fourth sub-collection under ‘365 days’. Presenting today, “Bird Song”, an exclusive collection of dhokra beads necklace. Although, each piece is one of its kind, you can write to me at for customization. Now, you can also buy directly on my shop at ETSY through PayPal.

Walnut Wood Carving

I travel to different places in search of its local craft. I was fortunate to witness the exquisite handmade carpets in making, and then one of the oldest manufacturers of Walnut Wood furniture and other products. Walnut wood carving is an ornamental craft process that is virtually unique to Kashmir due to the concentration ofContinue reading “Walnut Wood Carving”