Phulkari & Bagh

Traditionally Punjab is consisted of three culturally and physically distinct zones – the hardworking but impoverished Malwa region, the comparatively rich and urban Majha region & the Doaba region inhabited largely by the occupational class The crafts of the region are more utilitarian than ornamental. Embroidery has for centuries been part of the education of every well brought up Punjabi girl.Continue reading “Phulkari & Bagh”

Chamba Rumal

I have spent my childhood in Himachal Pradesh and I can very much relate to the beauty of this state. Chamba is a town situated on a mountain ledge overlooking the River Ravi. It was established in the 10th century when Raja Sahil Varman relocated his capital from the neighbouring Bharmour region, now the homeland of theContinue reading “Chamba Rumal”

Handloom in India

Recently, I came across an article in one of the online magazine. The article reads out the present state of Handmade Industry In India. Mayank Mansingh Kaul ( Textile Designer from NID Ahmedabad and consultant to the Planning Commission on the taskforce on Cultural and Creative Industries) passionately debunks a lot of myths about the state of the “Handmade Industry”Continue reading “Handloom in India”

with ‘Love’

It was late in night, when a very dear friend ‘Ankit’ called me up. He wanted to gift something very special to the love of his life on her birthday. Ankit,as usual with unlimited ideas in his mind started suggesting one by one. Finally after our long discussion,he asked me to make an Earring forContinue reading “with ‘Love’”


Chanderi is a small town with a lot to offer – 300 monuments within a 6 km radius to beautiful hand woven sarees and apparel. But the weavers lives aren’t as becoming. Of the 3,500 weaving families in Chanderi, many don’t own a loom and live a hand-to-mouth existence through daily wages. Even  though theContinue reading “Chanderiyaan”