Wind Chimes

The sound of ghungroo/bell makes me happy. After the success of collection MOGRA I & II, let me present to you a small new collection of earrings with ghungroo. Feel free to write to me at [ ] , if you are interested in buying this collection. Stay Tuned, for the next collection which … Continue reading Wind Chimes


 Weather in New Delhi is pleasant till now 🙂 It was a beautiful sunny morning and Vidhi was wearing my brand new earrings "Eternity".  These earrings are small, light-weight and non-allergic. The material used is Brass again, but with a contrast of Silver Ghungroo. I love the sound of ghungroo and as the name (Eternity) of … Continue reading Eternity


What comes first to your mind,when you read/hear 'Mogra' ? - The soft white flower with a mesmerizing fragrance. For a moment, just imagine Mogra in different colors. The string of colorful Mogra around your neck enhancing your beauty. Here's my collection of 5 necklace to give you the same feeling. The colorful string of Ghungroo … Continue reading Mogra