Calendar 2022

It’s that time of the year again when we try and make the best out of the plans we had in the beginning of any year. We achieve some, ignore a few and then forward the rest to the next year and the cycle keeps going on. ‘Patience‘ was my word for the Year 2020.Continue reading “Calendar 2022”

Calendar 2021

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when one talks about Year 2020?It’s ‘Patience’ for me! This year has given us a chance to take a break and look back/around our lives. This Pandemic is a wake up call to stop taking this Planet Earth for granted. This year has brought us closerContinue reading “Calendar 2021”

Ode to the Morning – Revisited

Ode to the Morning is one of the most loved design from my jewelry catalog. It’s been 5 years and I am bringing to you today, a brand new version of ‘Ode to the Morning’. You will get complimentary earrings with each of these necklaces! This time, I have few bracelets also! Although, each pieceContinue reading “Ode to the Morning – Revisited”

Mandana on Khadi

As mentioned in my previous post, presenting today, a small collection of wall hangings/art frames for your beautiful house. Each design is hand-painted by Mural Artist ‘Rakesh K Memrot’ on 80’s count Khadi by Khadi, handspun and handwoven by the Artisan in West Bengal near Mayapuri. To know him and his work, check this articleContinue reading “Mandana on Khadi”

Summer bloom

Temperature has suddenly changed in Delhi. Hot sunny days are not too far it seems. Most of you must have already started your shopping to update your wardrobe as per the current trend/fashion.But one thing, that is almost always in trend is a Stole. Today, I am here presenting to you my latest collection ofContinue reading “Summer bloom”

Shades of Green

Winter in Delhi used to be mesmerizing. Unfortunately, from last few years, the beautiful city is covered with thick smog and haze because of the Over – Urbanization. Let’s hope, we will have good green days in coming future soon. ‘Crows on a lamp-post cawing with unknown sadness, bidding farewell to the setting Sun. AContinue reading “Shades of Green”

Calendar 2019

That time of the year when you already start planning for the upcoming new year, followed by the months of festive season. Presenting you today, the next year Calendar with the hand-drawn patterns. Each of them are drawn with blue liquid ink pen. These are available on Sale now on my ETSY shop. You canContinue reading “Calendar 2019”

Sending Out Surprise

As an individual, People I come across are my biggest inspiration. I feel fortunate enough to have them around. Last month, I dedicated my new collection to all these people. I ended up the first lot with 18 new designs. This was my small gesture, just to thank them to be the part of myContinue reading “Sending Out Surprise”

Ganjifa Cards

Ganjifa tradition of Sawantwadi is almost three hundred years old. However, the technique of executing round playing cards did not originate from Sawantwadi. Scholars believe that the game of large size circular playing cards was first invented by the Malla Kings of Bishnupur (Bengal) in the 8th Century AD. Jaipur, Orissa and Cuddappa in theContinue reading “Ganjifa Cards”