Happy moment

I started this blog/website back in 2013. It's been a fantastic journey so far. I started this platform just with writing articles and showcasing some of my handmade Journals. With time, I started talking to the fellow Artisans/ Artists to know more about their passion and that's when, the new TAB 'Inspiring Talents' came up … Continue reading Happy moment

Longpi Pottery

Manipur is a state embedded in deepest tradition of art and craft going back to a hoary antiquity. Pottery in Manipur is closely related with social, cultural and religious life. The art of pottery making in Manipur is practiced by women without using wheel in a similar fashion as in the other northeastern states. Longpi … Continue reading Longpi Pottery


BidriĀ gets its name fromĀ Bidar,Ā Karnataka where it originated when the fort was under construction. ItĀ is a metal handicraft that originated in the 14th century, during the rule of theĀ Bahamani Sultans. Bidri in Republic day parade Bidri Craft has a common ancestry with an older art of inlaying practiced in Arabian countries and Persia - of inlaying … Continue reading Bidri