Town of toys

Year 2016 is passing by on fast forward mode. I’m occupied in multiple projects at this time and I apologize for the gap of 3 months in writing a new post. I had been travelling, exploring new crafts and nature. In August, I got the chance to travel down to Coorg (Karnataka). It was theContinue reading “Town of toys”


Yakshagana, rich folk dance drama is an unsurpassed way of exhibiting the themes taken from the Epics, especially Mahabharata. It has been the vehicle of Arts, Culture and Didactic instruction in the rural areas. Yakshagana means a particular style of music, with characteristics of its own, distinct from the other two systems of Indian music,Continue reading “Yakshagana”


Bidri gets its name from Bidar, Karnataka where it originated when the fort was under construction. It is a metal handicraft that originated in the 14th century, during the rule of the Bahamani Sultans. Bidri in Republic day parade Bidri Craft has a common ancestry with an older art of inlaying practiced in Arabian countries and Persia – of inlayingContinue reading “Bidri”