Mandana Calendar 2020

After the overwhelming response to our Mandana Art collection, I am happy to once again bring the wonderful hand-painted Mandana by the artist ‘Rakesh K Memrot‘ in the form of Calendar. The Calendar is 5*7 in size and now available for Sale and soon I will be putting them on my Etsy Shop and other online platformContinue reading “Mandana Calendar 2020”

Mandana on Khadi

As mentioned in my previous post, presenting today, a small collection of wall hangings/art frames for your beautiful house. Each design is hand-painted by Mural Artist ‘Rakesh K Memrot’ on 80’s count Khadi by Khadi, handspun and handwoven by the Artisan in West Bengal near Mayapuri. To know him and his work, check this articleContinue reading “Mandana on Khadi”


Painting is a medium of visual expression. It does not always need too many colours to stand out. Mandana paintings are one of such form. It is a form of tribal art in India that has survived over the ages. It is done in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh by one of the oldest tribal communities,Continue reading “Mandana”