Shazar in Persian means tree,and the stone,dendrite agate, gets its name from beautiful formations in the stone. Shazar was discovered in Banda about 400 years ago by an Arab. Banda city is located on the bank of Ken River. He was mesmerized by its colorful patterns that looked like leaves and trees and so heContinue reading “Shazar”

On the walk to Lipi’s Studio

¬†Shantiniketan, is a small town situated near Bolpur, West Bengal. For the days, I was there for Poush Mela in Decemeber, I got to visit Santhal Village. Santhals are the largest Adivasi community in India. People live there in the houses made of mud, bricks and wood. It was some 30 mins walk, where IContinue reading “On the walk to Lipi’s Studio”