Vintage Possession

I started binding notebooks some years back while studying in the college. My grandfather used to have a printing press back in early 90s. Today, we get brand new different types of notebook for our school and college days. But, during our parents time, the situation was not the same. My Grandfather used to bind the notebooksContinue reading “Vintage Possession”


vanam vrindavanam naam pashvayam navkananam. gopgopigavam sevyam punyaditraunvirudham. – Srimad bhagwat 10/11/28 Vrindavan, located on the banks of river Yamuna,was a place of green woods and rolling meadows. It was home to Lord Krishna; where he is said to have herded his cows, danced with the Gopies,fought the evil Kansa and fallen in love withContinue reading “Vrindavan”

Inked in 19’s

I have always loved preserving old letters,postcards and emails (that’s how most people write nowadays :P) My family/friends call them Junk but they are the most valuable things to me.They are part of my memories and make me feel nostalgic each time I go through them. Mostly, I don’t share such belongings with anyone. But,someContinue reading “Inked in 19’s”