Kala Bhavan

It took me a long time to decide from where I should start this post. My last visit to Shantiniketan has changed my point of view of looking at an Artist. I have so much respect for each one of them whether he is a small flute-maker or a big painter. My small attempt hereContinue reading “Kala Bhavan”

Evening tea with Aarohi

With every turn I made towards my dream, I met some really inspiring people. Aarohi is one such person whom I met on the virtual world through a common friend. She is based in Bangalore. She is a big dog lover and a brilliant painter. It was sometime back, when I wrote to her forContinue reading “Evening tea with Aarohi”

Chamba Rumal

I have spent my childhood in Himachal Pradesh and I can very much relate to the beauty of this state. Chamba is a town situated on a mountain ledge overlooking the River Ravi. It was established in the 10th century when Raja Sahil Varman relocated his capital from the neighbouring Bharmour region, now the homeland of theContinue reading “Chamba Rumal”