Summer is Here!

Year 2015, has already brought some interesting work collaborations for me. I am not an artist, who works for monetary benefits. Pleasure of making a product with hands and sharing out with you people is my inspiration behind being an Artisan. I am currently, working on new collection under #Year2015. There will be soon aContinue reading “Summer is Here!”

December Morning

Delhi is enjoying its best weather right now. With new targets for the upcoming new year, I am leaving today on my long awaited holiday to Calcutta 🙂 Hence, I am leaving you with two of my beautiful earrings. SALE is on hold for the time being. The jewellery is travelling abroad for the feedbackContinue reading “December Morning”

White Gold

December is here with its cold morning. Winter has not yet arrived like past years in Delhi, but I am looking forward to that beautiful foggy morning 🙂 Soon, I am going for my long awaited vacation. Hence, excited 🙂 Today, I’m presenting the beautiful Ring cum Bracelets. These are made for a friend who likedContinue reading “White Gold”

with ‘Love’

It was late in night, when a very dear friend ‘Ankit’ called me up. He wanted to gift something very special to the love of his life on her birthday. Ankit,as usual with unlimited ideas in his mind started suggesting one by one. Finally after our long discussion,he asked me to make an Earring forContinue reading “with ‘Love’”