Summer bloom

Temperature has suddenly changed in Delhi. Hot sunny days are not too far it seems. Most of you must have already started your shopping to update your wardrobe as per the current trend/fashion.But one thing, that is almost always in trend is a Stole. Today, I am here presenting to you my latest collection ofContinue reading “Summer bloom”


Dhokra, A craft of ancient origin ; is the name given to the folk form of lost wax metal casting practiced in the tribal pockets of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Chhattisgarh has a finely developed art of making lost wax cast ritualistic and utility objects. This art is famous as Dhokra.Continue reading “Dhokra”

পৌষ মেলা

Poush is the 9th month of the Bengali calendar. It is the first month of Winter Season. Poush Mela is an annual fair that takes place in Shantiniketan. The fair starts on the 7th day of Poush for the full 3 days. It is been said that, Devendranath Tagore with twenty followers accepted the Brahmo creedContinue reading “পৌষ মেলা”

Tapos Das

At every stage of your life, you get to meet people from whom you can learn. An Artist gets richer with his/her grounded nature and not by money. I met Tapos Das at Poush Mela, Shantiniketan. He is a great Metal Plate Sculptor. I have these pictures from his stall to share with you. YouContinue reading “Tapos Das”

On the walk to Lipi’s Studio

 Shantiniketan, is a small town situated near Bolpur, West Bengal. For the days, I was there for Poush Mela in Decemeber, I got to visit Santhal Village. Santhals are the largest Adivasi community in India. People live there in the houses made of mud, bricks and wood. It was some 30 mins walk, where IContinue reading “On the walk to Lipi’s Studio”


Year 2014 was pretty exciting for me. I did some solo travels and got to experience life outside the comfort zone. It was from a long time that I was planning for a trip to Calcutta (West Bengal). They say that December would be the best month to visit there. Hence, I took my lastContinue reading “Shantiniketan”


District Murshidabad is famous for its Sholapith craft. Shola or Kuhila is a plant, growing wild in marshy waterlogged areas. The Sholapith is the cortex or core of the plant and these inner soft milky-white and spongy materials are  almost similar to “Thermocol”, artificially produced in a laboratory. However, Sholapith is much superior to thermocol inContinue reading “Sholapith”