Phulkari & Bagh

Traditionally Punjab is consisted of three culturally and physically distinct zones – the hardworking but impoverished Malwa region, the comparatively rich and urban Majha region & the Doaba region inhabited largely by the occupational class The crafts of the region are more utilitarian than ornamental. Embroidery has for centuries been part of the education of every well brought up Punjabi girl.Continue reading “Phulkari & Bagh”

Bohra Caps

The month of Ramadan is going on. The Muslims all over the world are on fast. Few days back, I took an auto ride in my city. The driver was Muslim “Mr. Ebrahim Khan“. He was wearing a beautiful Bohra cap, that inspired me to write this post. The Bohra cap derives its name fromContinue reading “Bohra Caps”

Madhubani Strokes

Every state of India has something distinguishing to attract a traditional art lover like me. Madhubani/Mithila painting  has been done traditionally by the women of villages around the present town of Madhubani , Darbhanga and other areas of Mithila (Bihar). (the literal meaning of Madhubani is forests of honey)  Madhubani is one of my favorite as its not dependentContinue reading “Madhubani Strokes”

On a day off

One of my dear friend ‘Nevine’ was in town last week. She is a great craft lover. We travel all around the city every time she comes here. This time our target was Connaught Place. There is a small lane on Janpath where you get some really beautiful handcrafted stuff. Here’s a small glimpse onContinue reading “On a day off”