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As the festive season approaches in India, it’s a time of joy for many but also a period of distress for the animals that roam the streets, frightened and in pain due to the deafening firecrackers. It’s difficult to find true cause for celebration when you know that these innocent beings suffer because of our actions.

However, in the midst of this, there are compassionate organizations like Kvaab Welfare that are working tirelessly against the odds to provide care and comfort to the dogs and cats living on the streets. We are pleased to share with you that this year, we’ve made a heartfelt decision. We have chosen to contribute 75% of the proceeds from the sale of our Calendar to support the noble efforts of Kvaab Welfare.

We kindly ask for your generosity in purchasing these Calendars. By doing so, you’ll be making a meaningful difference in the lives of our furry friends who are in need. Your support can bring comfort and relief to those who cannot speak for themselves.


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