ETSY – Fresh on the Plate!

Back in 2013, I started this platform for blog writing and sharing my Handmade Jewelry. With time, I opened different sections like 'Inspiring Talents' , ' Travel Notes' & 'DIY' and you welcomed the idea with open arms. It's inspiring to know that people are now reading the content on my website for their thesis, … Continue reading ETSY – Fresh on the Plate!


District Murshidabad is famous for its Sholapith craft. Shola or Kuhila is a plant, growing wild in marshy waterlogged areas. The Sholapith is the cortex or core of the plant and these inner soft milky-white and spongy materials are  almost similar to "Thermocol", artificially produced in a laboratory. However, Sholapith is much superior to thermocol in … Continue reading Sholapith