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Bone Carving

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Lucknow, the golden city of the east’ retains an old world charm that fascinates one and all. Regarded as one of the finest cities of India, Lucknow
emanates a culture that combines emotional warmth, a high degree of sophistication,
courtesy and a love for gracious living.
This sublime cultural richness famous as ‘Lucknowi Tehzeeb’ blends
the cultures of two communities living side by side for centuries,
sharing similar interests, speaking a common language -Urdu.

Many of the cultural traits and customs peculiar to Lucknow
have become living legends today.
The credit for this goes to the Nawabs of Awadh, who took keen interest in every walk of life and encouraged them to attain a rare degree of perfection.


Lucknow was an important centre of ivory carving in Uttar Pradesh.

It extensively produced court objects for the Nawabs of Avadh – sword and dagger hilts, plaques to adorn the sides of carriage and howdahs, chessmen, miniature figures and utilitarian objects like combs, bangles and mirrors.

2The British introduced ivory on furniture.
Since the worldwide ban on ivory, craftsmen have been carving camel and buffalo bone
with great skills.
The jaali, lattice work, characteristic of Mughal architecture is carved extensively on
jewellery boxes and table lamps.
8For Jewellery, different shades of camel bone and even dyed pieces are often used.

Carved elephants in procession are popular in the European market.
Trinkets are sold at Jaipur and Ajmer in Rajasthan.
The open work products are exported to Saudi Arabia.

Where to find the Production Clusters?
– Lucknow
– Barabanki
– Sambhal
– Moradabad, Sarai Tarain
– Ghaziabad, Loni


Tools used in this carving :
– Saw (Ari)
– Teharka – file ( Chaursi ret)
– Half round file
– Che inchi tipehal – to sharpen files
– Drill (Barma)
– Divider (prakaar)
– Sandpaper


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