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Box camera from Jaipur

This year is running too fast. I can’t believe February is also going to end in couple of weeks.

Taking pictures is something I enjoy on every walk I take.
Some makes sense and some are just for me, like random thoughts.


While I was in Jaipur a month back, I got to meet Surendra Chand ji.

Surendra Chandi ji and his brother Tikam Chand ji along with their 1860’s German-made Camera take pictures of different people for INR 300/-.

Amidst the crowd of Johri Bazar Road in Jaipur, a few steps down the Hawa Mahal, Surendra Chand has sat on the same place along with his brother Tikam Chand for the last three decades, clicking pictures with what he calls a “minute camera”.


The Camera has Carl Zeiss 13.5 cm Tessar f/4.5 lens from 1904.


I also asked him to take my picture with this vintage camera.

He has this Iron stool with black cloth hanging in the background.
Here’s how he clicked, and developed the picture.

Looking at my camera, he showed interest in taking a picture and asked me to stand next to his camera.


I have had experience with film before also. This experience and
the conversation with Chand brothers was a cherishable moment on my Jaipur trip.


To know more, you can read here in detail
1860 Camera

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