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Rakesh Kumar Memrot : The Mural Artist

Rakesh is one such person, who sees beauty in almost everything. When you ask him, ‘ What is Art’?
His simple answer would be,’ All that I find beautiful is Art for me.’

It was around a month back when I first met Rakesh on his assignment for my workplace. Simple, down to earth gentleman who knows how to execute his work with the available resources. With time, during his days on this assignment we had conversations about his journey as an Artist.

Today, I am sharing with you our brief conversation..


Antima Khanna : Tell us something about yourself. About your journey of being an Artist.
Rakesh Kumar Memrot : It would be wrong to say that I always knew I would become an Artist. I was an average child in school. In class X, when I scored very less, I chose to study Commercial Art. That was the time when my teacher started noticing me and pushed me to take part in competitions and take initiatives. I did my graduation in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi in year 2005. I started working in the field during that time only, just to be independent. After 4-5 years of experience, I did my Masters in Gwalior. Since, then I am working on big-small, government- private projects.

AK : What interests you most – Folk Art or Contemporary/Modern Art ?
RKM: Both the forms actually, depending upon how big is the monetary consideration for the work to be done.


AK : Who gives you the theme generally – Client or You yourself ?
RKM : Most of the time, Client gives the theme. But, I modify the theme wherever it is required. I show them enough samples online before doing the final work on the walls.

AK : What are the projects you are currently working on or looking forward to work?
RKM : I am going to start my next assignment with an educational organization. I am even looking forward to start my personal project in New Delhi. This project is for the Sparrows. Most people don’t even know that the species of sparrows are going to extinct soon. Just for them, I want to paint these birds all around the city so that at least we can have them around always. A bird is a beautiful creation in itself and inspire each one of us.


AK : What/Who is your inspiration?
RKM : A lot of things and many people have inspired me. I belong to a very hard- working and simple family. With polio in one of my leg, a lot of people in college and neighborhood demotivated me at times. But, with time I decided to take all this as an challenge and did whatever a normal person could do. If I have to mention a person as my inspiration, its Aneesh Kapoor. I loved his work completely and would love to do something as big as his work.


AK : Why only Walls and not Canvas?
RKM : I had always loved to work on a big scale. Working on a canvas in your comfortable room doesn’t excite me as much as the wall in outdoor locations. The challenge of natural hindrance like rain, storm, sun provides me more passion towards my art.

AK : What colors do you use?
RKM : Mostly, I use Acrylic colors as they are easily available and long lasting also. But, whenever required, I work with pigments too. I would love to work with natural colors like, extract from leaves or Indigo in future.


AK : Do you see your reflection in your work?
RKM: Definitely, A final piece of art is never the same as you think about in it’s initial stage. Sometimes, its way too better and then sometimes we get disappointment also. Whatever work I have done till now, I made it a point that I leave my impression with my paintbrush. It’s very difficult for me to leave the mural after its done. I feel like staying there only or take the piece away with me.


AK :  What are your dreams? Where do you see yourself in future?
RKM : My dreams are just like any other human being ‘ Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Shauhrat’ I want my friends and family always with me. I want to grow in work but at the same time wish to take my family along with me at every stage. I don’t want to move ahead in work without them. There is no progress without your loved ones. Apart from this, my biggest dream is a solo bike-ride to Ladakh.


AK : Last but not the Least, one message Rakesh, wants to send across?
RKM : Overlook the people, who demotivates you. The society will always highlight your weakness and ignore the qualities. Believe in yourself and do what makes you happy.


Rakesh is currently living in New Delhi. You can visit his website, to see his other work Rakesh Kumar. He is also on Facebook.

During the conversation, AMG Studios, made a short film on the Artist.

In his company, even, I got the chance to try my hand with paint brush 🙂

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  1. Absolutely brilliant work! Colours have come out fantastic. And very well composed Antima! Good job!

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