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When I look back on my last two years, I met some extremely talented people.
Anushree Gavas is one among them.

10339693_10203204544146650_4159313294884832070_nShe is a Photographer.
She gives you a chance to relive your special moments through her eyes.


Our friendship is nothing but just ‘Serendipity‘.

While, working on my ‘Sending out Surprise’ collection, I made something for her also.
Anushree and I have a very similar taste when it comes to Handmade.


I felt extremely happy today to find a beautiful composition
on her website, wearing the same earrings.


antima 1

antima 2

antima 3

This is not the first time, she has shared my work

They will make you extra happy

I am so very grateful to her for acknowledging my efforts 🙂

Anushree is based in Mumbai.
She is one of those photographers with whom you can just be yourself.
You can write to her on anushreegavas@gmail.com

Also, do take out some time to see her
beautiful website
~ Anushree Gavas ~

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