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with ‘Love’

It was late in night, when a very dear friend ‘Ankit’ called me up. He wanted to gift something very special to the love of his life on her birthday.

Ankit,as usual with unlimited ideas in his mind started suggesting one by one. Finally after our long discussion,he asked me to make an Earring for his lady ‘Deepika’.

Now that was not just the end of story. Ankit wanted to make the earring even more personalized. Like,just made only and only for Deepika.
Ankit asked me to write ‘Piddi’ on the earring. Actually,he calls Deepika by this name 🙂

(1)Here’s what I made for Deepika.


  • Round piece of Blue Rexine, mounted with brass wire.
  • Small white pearls in thread all around the earring.
  • ‘piddi’ written in white thread by hand.

Ankit is among those people who will do everything possible for the people he adore,even if he has to go out of his way. I am fortunate enough to have friends like him.

Last,but not the least,here’s the beautiful couple Ankit & Deepika :


man tu shudam, tu man shudi
man jan shudam, tu tan shudi
ta naguyad kasi pas az-in
man digaram u tu digari

I have become you,you have become me.
I have become life, you have become body.
From no on, let no one say that
I am other and you are another.

– Amir Khusrau

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