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Woven Treasures: Textiles from the Jasleen Dhamija Collection

Jasleen Dhamija doesn’t need any introduction in the world of textiles and craft.


I came to know about her upcoming auction from our very own Sunny Narang, who himself is an inspiration for anyone who is willing to learn and absorb.

He knows her for more than 25 years and here’s what he has to say about her:

“Jasleen has a multi-textured life. 
I have experienced textiles in her home , eaten cuisines from all over Central Asia and West Asia as well as Ayurveda inspired meals in her welcoming kitchen .
Jasleen is not one to suffer mediocrity and with her regal presence she can intimidate wannabe designers and textile come lately characters who fill up Delhi’s very tropical craft , design , fashion , textile fraternity !
I love her sharp wit , and her acidic tongue , her loud laughter which comes from the land of her birth , the North West Frontier Province NWFP from where come the large Pathans.”

Dhamija grew up in Abbotabad, in the North Western Frontier Province, before her family migrated to Delhi in 1940, where they lived in Khyber Pass locality of Civil Lines, Delhi, and graduated from Miranda House, University of Delhi.

She started her career in 1954, with culture and craft revivalist Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay in the Government of India, and started working on craft revival, community development and women’s employment.

In the 1960s, she worked with the Handicrafts Board of India, next she started working with artisans directly in rural area, this in time lead to her work with the UN developing self-help programmes for women in war-torn Balkan countries.Over the years, she has curated several textile and crafts exhibitions. Besides several books, on crafts and textile, she has also written two cookbooks, including Joy of Vegetarian Cooking (2000). In 2007, she published a biography of Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay and her role in the revival of the arts and crafts in modern India.


Read here, about her book “Sacred Textiles of India”

Textiles connects the entire Asia. ‘Cotton | Wool | Silk ‘

Jasleen Dhamija’s collection is incomparable.
From the years , when weaving and embroideries use to speak their own language.
The patterns are nothing less than a fairy tale for our generation.

You can find all her vintage treasures, available for auction on
Saffron Art

Reference : Saffronart | Sunny Narang | Wiki

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