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Bohra Caps


The month of Ramadan is going on.
The Muslims all over the world are on fast.

Few days back, I took an auto ride in my city.
The driver was Muslim “Mr. Ebrahim Khan“.
He was wearing a beautiful Bohra cap,
that inspired me to write this post.


The Bohra cap derives its name from its exclusive use by the men of
the Dawoodi Bohra community.

Worn on various religious occasions
in combination with the male attire of the jabbho and ijar,
this kasab(core yarn warpped with gold strip),
ornamented cap serves to
create a distinct
sartorial code that identifies the Bohras amidst the larger Islamic society.

Credits : Udaipur times

Using a crochet technique wherein the surface is constructed by looping a single thread,
these caps are made by the Bohra women of all
areas for the men of their family.

Using an aluminium vessel as a base,the crochet is begun at the center
and proceeds in a spiral form from the core to the outer edge.
Once the initial six lines are crocheted,
kasab may be introduced.
Although the basic stitch remains the same, both geometric and floral patterns
may be created with the aid of readily available pattern books.

Credits : Chennai First

The speed and neatness of the workmanship depends on the interest of the
women and their experience.

Eid al-Fitr [(Arabic:عيد الفطر),(Bengali: ঈদুল ফিত্‌র), “festivity of breaking the fast”]
marks the end of Ramadan
and the beginning of the next lunar month, Shawwal.

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