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Vintage Possession

I started binding notebooks
some years back while studying in the college.

My grandfather used to have a printing press back in early 90s.

Today, we get brand new different types of notebook
for our school and college days.
But, during our parents time, the situation was not the same.

Father and Grandfather

My Grandfather used to bind the notebooks
for my mother himself
with the left over pages from my Uncle’s used notebooks.

My grandfather had always liked the idea of Recycling.
Whether its books,book-cover
the optimum use of resources was his only concern.

My Mother usually keep telling me the stories
of how she learnt book- binding from him and used it during her studies.

The printing press is still there and my Uncle is running it in my hometown.

Last weekend, I found these three hand-bound diaries
with my Mother.
I thought of sharing with you the same.

diary 1

diary 2

diary 3

Grandfather had always liked the notebook
with no. on the top of the pages.


He made this notebook and my Mother
is now using it in making her notes. ( recipes, etc..)


My Grandfather was also a homeopathy doctor.
He had a huge stock of books and medicines at home.







My Mother is studying the same books after he expired.
We also have a stock of medicines and these books now 🙂

That’s my Grandfather handwriting with the fountain pen. (English ~ Hindi ~ Urdu)

I feel blessed for all that I learnt from my family.

The love for recycling and hand-binding
is in my genes only 🙂

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