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Handmade Camera Bag

Since the day I bought my DSLR, I was looking for a handy bag to carry the camera
here and there on my walks.

The bags I found were either over-priced or bad quality.
Atlast, I decided to get it made on my own 🙂

I knew, how exactly I wanted.
Minimal pockets and hard enough to hold the camera.

Last weekend, I went to this small bag shop with black synthetic leather and my camera.

I asked the guy there to help me in making this bag.
Firstly, he refused but on insisting and explaining he finally agreed 🙂

His only demand was to sit there with him and tell him everything step by step.


His name is Avinash. He is studying BCom right now.
He works along with his father at this shop in part-time.

On noticing the neatness and his interest, I asked him why he is not trying in
some design school to learn bag making and designing.


He smiled and said ‘Madam jee, itni fees kaise bharenge. Donation bhi itni maangte hai vo log’.

He has made several products for design school students.

After some 3 hours, the bag was finally ready for use.

bag 3

This bag has space for your DSLR along with two lens.

bag 10

bag 4

Bag is light weight but strong enough to hold the camera.

bag 5

The bag string is attached with metal-clips.
You can detach it if you want to use the bag just as a pouch.

bag 6

The bag is padded to protect your camera inside the bag.

bag 7

You just need to pull out the camera and start shooting.
The bag has magnetic buttons to lock the upper flap.

bag 8

This is my first attempt in making the bags.

bag 9

I am looking forward now, to try the same in pure leather with new designs.

Keep reading for new products, which are coming your way very very soon
in all new avatar.

Year 2015

7 thoughts on “Handmade Camera Bag

  1. This is pretty cool
    Where i get customised bags made
    Will prefer synthetic leather by choice no real leather since it kills an animal

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