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Year 2014 was pretty exciting for me.
I did some solo travels and got to experience life outside the comfort zone.

It was from a long time that I was planning for a trip to Calcutta (West Bengal).
They say that December would be the best month to visit there.

Hence, I took my last journey of the year 2014 to Calcutta & Shantiniketan.

I love to travel by Train, but this time because of dense fog in New Delhi & Uttar Pradesh
it became a 30 hr long journey :'(

But, reaching Calcutta at 1:00 am was also a thing because the city was lit up with Christmas decoration.

cal 1

cal 2

My reason for this vacation was to attend Poush Mela in Shantiniketan.

I have a very good friend of mine, from Bangladesh, Nevine Sultana.
She is the one, who introduced me to this festival and a lot more in that town.

cal 2
Nevine ; My Inspiration

Shantiniketan, is a small town near Bolpur, West Bengal.
It is some 2 Hrs away from Howrah by train.
You can take Shantiniketan Express, which is probably the best train to commute on that route.
It runs around 10:10 am from Howrah and reaches Bolpur at 12:25 pm.

cal 5
Howrah Station

I was lucky this time, as I got to share this journey with the famous
Ecomonist and Noble Prize winner , Mr. Amartya Sen.

cal 6
Bolpur Station

Shantiniketan is a town found by Rabindranath Tagore.

I got to stay there with Nevine, in her relatives house.
You can also book a guest house easily,
The rent would be 2000 per night (approx) during the mela,
otherwise 700 per night

cal 7
Our Guest House
cal 27
Nevine’s Aunt : An Accountant, Singer, Animal Lover, Packing Queen and a beautiful Human Being
cal 8
cal 10

I got to visit some interesting places in that town like,
the Poush Mela, Adivasi colony, Pottery Studio, Kala Bhawan etc.

I shall be writing about each one of them in my upcoming posts.

cal 11
One of the Oldest Bookstore
cal 29
The Old Banyan Tree

I also got to visit a small store ; Alcha
It is the store of Nevine’s friend.
And a beautiful place to spend time and shopping for a handicraft lover like me ๐Ÿ™‚

cal 12
The Entrance of the Store
cal 12
Some Wallets & Handbags
cal 15
Handmade Painted Mirrors
cal 16
Wood Carving
cal 26
That’s me, post the shopping from Alcha ๐Ÿ˜€

Shantiniketan, is a small town with simple people
living with just the necessities.

cal 18
Old Houses of Shantiniketan
cal 17
Wild Flowers
cal 18
Streets of Shantiniketan

cal 32

The city still believes in the ideas of Tagore,
they keep their surroundings clean withย minimum use of plastic.

cal 31
No Plastic Zone

cal 22

ย I am leaving you with this small trailer.
There will be some interesting articles coming up
on wax-pottery, print-making, Dhokra etc.

cal 33
Christmas Celebrations

cal 21

Also, shall be posting the moments from Calcutta ๐Ÿ™‚

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