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Diary Leaves

There are few places you love visiting
as many times you could.

I am not a religious person, but with time
I always liked to go to Vrindavan.

As mentioned before in one of my post,
I worked there on an assignment for couple of months.

Since then, I am visiting this town to meet those people.

This friday, I got another chance to visit this magical town 🙂


Its a comfortable ride now, as the way to Vrindavan
is open on Yamuna Expressway.


The drive was beautiful with the dark clouds and rain.



You would have to drive through the huge fields and village.

This is one of the most beautiful drive I ever had 🙂

As soon as I reached the town, I walked to the Yamuna ghat
to meet Parmanand, the small boat-sailor.


Unfortunately, Yamuna is dry nowadays and there were
only few sailors with their boat.



This time, I met Parmanand’s young sister and her friends also.


They are cute little girls wearing colorful salwar-kurta.
They were selling flower-diyas.

When I asked them for a picture, they were hesitating
but when I took one picture, they opened up with me and gave me these beautiful picture 🙂


This time I met another young boy
who is a rickshaw-puller.
He was enthusiastic to know how
I know Parmanand and other people in the city.
He followed me all the way on my walk.


On my walk, I once again came across the
localities of the town.


It is incredible to see how much they believe
in Lord Krishna
and their dedication towards the mighty.









Another person I wanted to meet
is ‘Kishori Dasi’
I was going to Ashram to meet her,
but she met me on my walk
inside one of the temple.


The smile I saw on her face
made me feel so good!!

The situation in Vrindavan is
still the same
The Widows are not allowed to come inside the temple
When I took Kishori Dasi along with me inside the temple, and asked
a gentleman to give her the space to sit,
he replied, ‘ This is a place for Goswamis to sit and not widows’.

It is sad to see all this, but I think the
so-called religious people have forgotten the feelings
beyond religion even if its respect for elders.

Last, but not the least it was a beautiful evening too
with dark clouds on our way back.


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