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Nizamuddin Auliya

Its raining outside, I wish the Monsoon comes soon!!

Reading Amir Khusrau in my room,
I am sharing today, the beauty of Nizamuddin Auliya in his words….


You are the friend to sorrowful hearts.
Imagination and intellect are lost in you.
Stars and heavens are in motion
in astonishment at your deeds.
The path to you is long, and on it
two worlds are like halves of a dust particle.
Many foolish men have boasted
about the vision of this dangerous path.
There – where perfection is without need,
a cloud came and covered up the chaff.
Make me turn away from the world
to reach your presence without fear.
Since the character of your slaves is pure
wouldn’t it be proper to call you pure?
Khusrau is prostrate before the pirs,
and you are the absolute limit of his affairs.



In your goblet is love’s elixir.
Time and again the Friend’s message comes to you.
In the space between your footsteps,
one enters the unfolding union of both worlds.
You have codified the path of Farid
and that’s why they call you the Code, the Nizam.
A hundred noble soul in heaven
have been melted down and stamped with your name.
Your court is the qibla and angels
flt to your roof like doves.
The tonic of your words soothes
the melancholia of those yearning for the Real.
The lowly Khusrau will have eternal life
now that he is enslaved by you for a thousand lives.




The beautiful carving and Urdu calligraphy astonish me every time I visit there.

If you are visiting New Delhi, do take out time to visit this Mosque 🙂

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